Ugliest Guy Ever Liveth


Everyone and their mum swears the proverb ‘Mama wey born monkey go talk say the monkey fine’ carries total truth. Not Ajalu, or his mother, or the members of the Pakurumo community.

Every single citizen of Pakurumo above the age of nineteen remembers the very dark day for the community that happened today, exactly nineteen years and eleven months ago.

It was a deadly day. All signs pointed to it being one but prayers and faith to/in the god, Dawa, calmed everyone. Their faith would prove pointless as Dawa would casually sly our unfortunate people.

Prior to his birth, the village babalawo, commonly known as Ogbeni Sule prophesied that in the next ten years, a child would be born of the most beautiful woman in the village. ‘He would be an abomination. He would be a reincarnation of the fallen beast Kolanne’ he had said that afternoon.

Everyone had laughed…

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