#TheLSRSeries @justwolfy_ : The Life Of A Savage

“I don’t think I can do this any longer, I can’t pretend to love you when I don’t even believe in love” he told her these words and walked out. Left her butt naked on the bed with her legs wide open and tears rolling down her eyes. She couldn’t understand what had just occured. Could he be bipolar she wondered. He just told her 2 hours ago that he loved her before he gave her the best dick she’d ever had. She couldn’t even fathom the way he made her cum. He made mer cum like a rhino fighting for the saftey of its family, like a lion fighting for its territory. He told her these words immediately after he just ate her brains out. I mean, what the fuck though, my legs are still wide open because my pussy needs to breathe after that “fuck and cum more than your ability to count” session, she thought to herself.

Derek is a ladies man. He’s the type of man that if he wasn’t him he’d hate with so much indocile passion. All his life he’s been looking for something deeper than love, something that could define what love meant. The only thing he could find was sex. “The love of sex”. To derek, sex is an art. An art of taking a woman’s body to the height of unfathomable pleasure. To make a woman cherish and adore her body even after he’s broken her heart. To make her find out the heights she couldn’t reach until she met him. To make her not regret the regret of meeting him. The first time he realised he could make a woman feel this way, he knew deep down in his soul that he wasn’t a man anymore. He knew, he had become a savage…


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