#TheLSRSeries Korede : First

My first time 😃. Wow. My first time wasn’t the usual, typical teenage boy first where auntie Sidi, your mum’s sexy sister visits and decides to come to your room naked for the next two weeks when you’re both home alone, teaching you “all you need to know”. No, I had no auntie Sidi unfortunately…her name was Tracy and the day was…well let me start proper.

I was meant to go somewhere with a friend on the  particular day I lost my “innocence”. However, the idiot decided not to honor our original plan of meeting up at his house. Instead he told me to go to his cousin’s house because he had gone out with his dad and would be “a little late” so I should chill with his cousin for a while. Bruh said he had told his cousin who was home alone that I was on my way. My nigga gave me the address and I was thinking this should be mad, PlayStation for a while before we head out 😄. I got to the place and knocked, waiting for a guy to come unlock the door but instead what I saw standing in the doorway when the door was open was this fine ass broad in the shortest shorts possible…couldn’t even call them shorts. I had stared at her for like three minutes before I noticed how dumb I looked and straightened up as best as possible. Her, she just laughed and invited me in with this devilishly calm smile. Evil girl, she knew what she was doing 😒. I followed her in and sat on the couch, watching tv with her two seats away. Obviously being the twelve year old boy I was, the hormones immediately kicked in as I sat next to my nigga’s fifteen(more or less) year old cousin with the most ‘mature’ body a young girl could have(‘gobe’ wasn’t part of my vocabulary at that time). Lord knows I was slightly pissed that the fool didn’t tell me his cousin was a girl.

I didn’t want her to think I was boring so I started a conversation, asking questions about her cousin that I already knew answers to and about her. Luckily for me she liked to talk so I just sat there listening for twenty minutes, nodding on cue. Then she went upstairs for a while and came back, this time she sat next to me and I can swear her top looked pulled lower and I couldn’t stop looking at her chest. She then fakes a yawn and says she’s bored and I should come upstairs and see how her room looks and I’m thinking why the hell would I want to see your room? My dumb twelve year old mind, though hopeful , was clueless then. On the stairs, she asks “Have you ever done anything with a girl?”. Me, wanting to prove to this girl that I wasn’t a small boy like that said, “Of course”, not thinking she might realize the truth since I didn’t think I could ever be so lucky. Suddenly I decided to drop it and confessed that I’d only ever kissed a girl in my life. Then she started laughing and said “Want me to be your first?”. On hearing such, I was joyous AF and said “Sure”, trying my best to sound uninterested. We then walk into her room and she goes to the bathroom while  I “make myself comfortable” sitting on her bed. That was when it hit me. The panic rushed in all at once, Holy shit! I have no idea how to do anything but kiss. I was simply forming confidence. The fear was that my inexperience would become too obvious and she’d be annoyed and tell me to stop abruptly.

It helped that she took a lot of time to get ready because I needed the time to give myself a pep talk and calm down. The fact that it was my friend’s cousin didn’t come to mind even for a second. The girl really took her time and rather than be frustrated I was slightly relieved and that was when I decided to get the hell out of there; the most uncharacteristic decision (did I mention I was a hormonal twelve year old?). As I got up to try to leave, the internal argument between my hormones and my…well whatever it was that was telling me to get the hell out was raging. Just as I was about to leave the room, the spirits that wanted to ensure that I get laid brought her back into the room, making my attempt to escape futile (Oh shit. Oh well). She asked why I was leaving and immediately I lost all will power to leave and told her I was simply closing the door to give us privacy (the best I could have come up with so quickly in my twelve year old mind and it was a pretty damn good excuse!😒). Nonetheless she laughed and said her parents don’t get back until late at night (I caught myself looking out the window, hoping the sky was dark but of course the spirits made sure I had no such luck). She sat down and patted the bed next to her (Chai, the girl was flawless😥, looking like a Cadbury product), as I sat down, I did a check up to make sure no part of me was tense (well no part that was truly under my control). As I was wondering how many niggas had sat next to this girl on this bed, she swung herself on top of me and…


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