#theLSRseries: Fatal 3some

Please, it was a mistake. It will never happen again.” she said, tears welling up in her eyes, those pretty doe eyes that drew me to her from the very first day we met. “Of course it will never happen again.” I said and smiled at her sweetly. I raised the knife; it caught the gleam of the light and glinted, I climbed up on the bed and sat in between her spread legs gently teasing her clit with my index finger as I watched all sorts of expressions and feelings flash across her face; fear, anticipation, confusion and most of all, arousal. I  smiled again. “Baby, do you love me?” I asked her as I roughly thrust my finger deep into her, she gasped and nodded frantically, saying “Yes baby I do. I do”. My left hand landed on her cheek so suddenly that her head abruptly turned to the other side. My eyes bore into hers, I was pissed but in a controlled voice I said, “No you don’t, because if you did love me you would not have fucking cheated on me!”

Ohhhh lool. Forgive me. From the beggining yes? RECAP»»

     I didn’t think it would be hard to get them both to agree; they are both as naughty as I am, so first, I called Vince, my boyfriend of 3months. “So baby,” I said in my sweetest of voices after we had gone through the normal ‘how are you’s and ‘watsup’s,
“You down for a little dirty threesome?”
“You know I am always down for your dirty games baby. Who with this time? Someone I know?”
“Oh it’s Iris. I’ve told you about her but you haven’t met her yet…have you?”
“N-no, of course I don’t kno-w her. I haven’t met her I meant” he said, hurriedly stammering in the process. I smiled to myself.
“Okay then. Friday at your place okay? I’ll come with all the items we need. Love ya.” I ended the call.

     Next I called Iris; Iris is a girl I was…let’s say, fatally in love with. We met on twitter two weeks ago and after we had identified each other and exhanged several nudes and sexts, we moved our um, ‘exchanges’ to real life. The first day I saw Iris was the best day of my life, I had found my soul mate at last I thought. On that day, she came to my house wearing a long, tight skirt that had a slit up to her thigh. She had the kind of ass I looovedddd; moderately sized and firm. Her boobs were the kind that puckered whether or not it was aroused and I was turned on right on the spot. She sat on a chair and asked me to come sit beside her. After some time of necessary conversation, I said to her,
“Your lips look like something I need in my life”
“Then by all means, possess them babe”. Oh boy! I didn’t even need to think about it!


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