#theLSRseries James: Freewrite

The loud echoes of silence fill my ears,
I hate being left alone.
Just acheing memories of a once vibrant soul,
Bouncing with possibilities and a will power rivaled by none.
A once kindred spirit
Free from the baggage of society
With not a single care in the world
Ready to take on life in all her spunky zest,
But here I sit alone, broken and void.
A shadow of my once adorable self,
Pushed to the fringes of insanity
I find in suicide my only comfort,
My succur,
My assurance that there would be light at the end of this dark tunnel to which it seems the end is impossible to reach.
Alone I came into this world with songs of hope and tears  of  joy,
Alone I shall end it with weeping and gnashing of teeth.
History shan’t remember the blimp,
The passing memory,
The lonely boy
Who lost his joy

                 Yours, mmin mfet ?


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