#theLSRseries Joshua: Freewrite

I’m all about the quiet light.
I’ve gotten so used to the idea of you
Being away I get comfy in the lonely darkness.
If you can hold me down then you can tame my mind.
Fill my imagination with the thoughts of your touches,
Arouse my inner gladiator, bring out my inner softness to the outside.
I’d love to lean back and feel good,
Let you tease me to the assured height of ecstacy.
I want to love the things you hate about yourself,
Make your insecurities become your beauty,
Make you so happy that you’re too numb to smile.
These words are eternal, no matter how much you don’t wanna believe them.
I want to be so deep in your mind that I can feel you begging for it.
I don’t want to tease you but bring you down from your high horse because all you need is stabilty.
I want to break you down to push you up and watch you soar through paths unknown.
Then please me with your lips on mine, please me with your tongue round my shaft, nimble on my tip.
And baby, let me love you,
In the one way,
Like I can.


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