How life subtly delivers pointers and reminders to our all fatal flaw; our human existence. Like notifications for a forgotten birthday or some unaffectionate integration we had either abandoned on Facebook or simply chosen to ignore. A simple rumbling in your stomach or a banging migraine in your head, pointers; too little achieved in too much time.

Yes, time, not actions or consequence, form or deformity, thought or the lack there of. This is our tragic flaw. The one true item we own too little of. The only quantity that reality truly holds over us. Infact, the only definition of true materialism, ignoring the value of this unlimited yet finitely proportioned quantity. Above this value, all else is vanity.

This realization remains as new and startling every day with every new reminder life presents to us. Perhaps why our religion is strengthened by moments of reflection and pure meditation as to the essence of life. Our belief in a celestial dictator reinforced by the notion that for every slice of a cake consumed, there must be a person with a knife ensuring no one gets to bite more than they can chew. As such is the strive to please the all knowing cake commandant, perhaps if we could find favour there, our cakes would carry the most quality.

But in the end nothing describes our lives than the scales of justice, the principle of conservation of energy, the second law of motion et al. Nothing goes for nothing, like money or affection for sex, so goes laziness for poverty…

He who chooses sleep and slumber should not be surprised when his poverty knocks on his door, for he made no hay while the sun shone

… Every action of this moment would produce a consequence tomorrow. The choice between good and bad consequences boils down to our responses to the simple reminders in our lives..

Key example to note would be Mike’s eventual arrest in season 5 episode 10… After 4 seasons of reminders from life, well…

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