I miss.

I miss you, Yes I do.
I miss us, our moments together.
I miss you, I’m repeating this cause it’s true.
Talking, and the never ending laughter.
I miss you, because there’s simply none like you.
Around you, nothing else could seem better.

Our late night rendezvous’,
I miss them, so much.
Driving over cause I needed a glimpse of your smile,
I so fucking miss that shii.
Excuse my French, but English seems insufficient for this emotion.
Getting stuck in traffic,
Seconds, minutes, hours,
They’d pass slowly as I get angry at myself for loving you so much.
Seeing you and having this all walk away.
I want some of that.
I miss you.

Your kisses, your hugs,
My babies, those two on your chest,
My very beautiful babies.
I miss them, I do, so much.
Having you over, on the home alone days.
You in a beautiful, stunning and sexy dress.
Wanting to have you all the moment you walk in.
Fighting that urge, I miss that.
Your subtle kisses, your full lips,
The way you bite on my lips,
Those moments when you take the lead,
Holding you close,
Running my fingers on your soft and warm skin,
Melanin Popping :).

You talking, me…  Touching.
That was always us.
I was your therapist on one hand,
On the other, you were always too speechless to describe.
Coming over with your problems,
Leaving in bliss, that was us.
I would always listen while you talked,
I cared, so I listened carefully.
Knowing when and where to stop you,
A kiss was never enough to stop you.
Nope, you’re too crazy for such simple stuff.
One strap at a time,
I’d find my way to your boobs,
Remember the single flick move to unhook your bra?
Classic. I know ☺
You see it coming but you never expect it.
Pop… Glory! There are my babies.
Deep conversations suddenly turning into streams of soft moans
I couldn’t miss anything more.

Or maybe I do, Yes, I do miss something more.
Nothing ever beats me down there.
Together, we made “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” a reality.
Remember the first time?
Our first night…
In the car, the back seat…
I have to say I spilled the ice cream on purpose,
But then, you prolly already know that.
Your legs, of the many I’ve met, really can’t be matched.
You blush when I say this,
But there’s not really anything I haven’t licked off those items of perfection.
You love the feeling, I know,
Your sharp yet soft moans give it all away.
Mixed feelings, the cold from the ice cream and my warm tongue running upwards.
The waves that run through you as I get closer, I miss that too.
Now that we’ve got Mayonnaise and Chocolate spread checked on the list, I think we should try some tomato ketchup next :):).

“Oh! Shit! *Gasps*… Silence”
Sounds familiar? You know it does.
You didn’t expect it, you never expect it…
I tease too much, keep you wanting it.
My tongue, playing slowly around it.
Soft kisses, right on the edges.
They always get to you,
I like it when you beg, when you show me how bad you want it.
I miss that.

Remember the washing machine?
The washing machine.
There I was, tryna close your mouth,
Ofcourse I failed, you left the neighbors asking questions either ways.
But I couldn’t be bothered, I knew I made you happy that way.
I wanna make you feel that way again. 😥

Finally, I miss our games.
Tying your arms behind while I pleasured you mercilessly,
A shot for every sound you make.
It was the easiest way to get you drunk.
You never could really hold those moans,
But then, I can’t blame you,
Like I said, merciless :).

I miss all of these, I can’t repeat it anymore.
I wanna stick a frozen chocolate bar in you and see how long you can take it :mrgreen:
Some strawberry ice cream off those boobs 😁
Spend minutes admiring those legs.
I want to show you a new level of grace, more than I’ve shown before 😇
I wanna be your Mr Grey again.
I miss you, and this is me proving it.


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