I am

I am not the perfection you dreamt of
Nor am my the happiness you wished for.
I am not the answer to your questions,
Nor am I the comfort to your pains.
I am not the Ying to your yang,
the peanut butter to your jelly,
Nor am I the lover you
asked of the heavens.
I said as she stared
hopelessly into my eyes.

I am the pain you awake from in the morning
Yes! I am the sorrow that plagues your heart.
I am the regret you look back on in shame
Yes! I am the turning point, the breaking point.
I am your weakness, your addiction,
the one your mama warned you of,
Yes! I am your down fall.
I said as she fell
helplessly into my arms.

I am what I am,
and what I am not
I cannot be to you.


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